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Audience Reviews

I couldn't wait to get home to write and thank you for such a brilliant night's entertainment. Congratulations to cast and crew for a stunning performance. I've been attending live theatre in Melbourne for over 50 years and your show is right up there with the best. I couldn't speak more highly of it. Thank you again. So glad that the future of stage in this state rests in the hands of such talented groups as yours.

An amazing show! Dance,voice, music ,costumes, set and so much talent. Put it all together and we get a show that will blow you away! CATS is a must see!!!


The show was spectacular!! The costumes were fantastic. Very impressed.


Fabulous show Jellicle Cats! Goose bumps when Memory was sung and giggles with Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer!


Congratulations all! The show was brilliant!


What an awesome production. We enjoyed last night so much.


Fabulous opening night. Congratulations to all an extremely talented cast.


Great show ... we loved it!!!

Great opening performance, very enjoyable. I liked the inclusion of The Ballad Of Billy McCaw, which previously I've seen missing in one or two other productions. Susannah Bourke's Grizabella is excellent with a great performance of Memory. The adaptation of 1930s fashion was a nice touch in a nod to the era in which the poems by T.S. ELIOT were originally written for his grandchildren.

The show is brilliant and we can’t wait to see it again tonight!!! Soooo much talent

This is the fourth production of Cats I've been to. They have included the Summer 2001 big top tent production when it came to Wodonga, the Regency on Collins production a few years ago staring Delta Goodrum, the Albury Wodonga Theatre Company's 2018 production in which my youngest son played Alonzo and this one.
The Young Australian Broadway Chorus production is quite honestly right up with every single one of them. I went to the opening performance on Friday and am really looking forward to going to the finale (I think those two are always the very special/exciting performances!). I was also very impressed to later learn that the entire orchestra ensemble were all under twenty years of age, especially given the rather complex and challenging nature of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's score for this play

I came and saw Cats last night and I just wanted to offer a huge congratulations to everyone involved!  The show was so incredible, and so polished. Everyone had amazing vocals, their choreography was on point, and no one broke character at all.

Cats is my all time favourite musical, I even run an Instagram account for it (thejelliclejunkyard!), I know this show inside and out. This was my favourite interpretation of it. It was incredible.


Some highlights:

• Everyone’s incredible vocals

• The early 1920’s Jazz Age costumes were spectacular.

• Jennyanydots as a whole. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. 

• Jellylorum. Her voice was amazing and did not break character. Once. 

• the ability of the cast to continue even things were dropped or didn’t quite go as planned! (I only noticed because I’m a theatre kid myself!)

• how clean things were. Costume changes, magic tricks, and disappearing cats all went incredibly smoothly, they were seamless!

• how flamboyant Macavity was, and his own section in the Jellicle Ball!

• the polished choreography.

• the high energy, the whole time!


There were a lot more incredible moments, but these are what come to mind right now!  I am honoured that this was my first live viewing of cats, I had such a good time!

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